19 February, 2019
“You are a woman, not a man! You don’t need to bother about funds!” said the mother.

Mom: “You were a girl and not a boy! I did bring you up like a boy but then you don’t have to take care of the family […]

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Women empowering women, often at home face sexism by a woman…!

Image Courtesy: AZQuotes “It was just another day and another household fight, but what caught my attention was the statement made by the yelling ‘elder daughter-in-law’ who in […]

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“Oh No..! I didn’t want to sound like a sexist” thought the man behind the Mic.

“Then why did you sound like that?” If a woman is successful, isn’t she already settled? If a man is successful, he is considered to be settled then […]

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Why do I support Gender-Equality over Feminism?

I have received this question time and again and from quite many people. Obviously, this must be really eye catchy. I don’t mind that..!! Well, to be honest […]

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“FEMINISM” is not “SHAMING” men.. Men can feel too and…

Do you know that men commit more suicides than women do? The studies at “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention” specifies that:  “Men die by suicide 3.5x more often […]

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