19 February, 2019
Why many end up hiring wrong candidates? “HR Tips”

“Most of us or probably all of us somewhere or the other compromise on our current job demands while we are searching for another job and are appearing […]

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Dear Swara Bhaskar, your letter felt more like a publicity stunt!

Dear Swara Bhaskar, An open letter..! First of all, your letter was amazingly well written! I’m sorry but you had pinpointed to a massive social issue but being […]

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Women empowering women, often at home face sexism by a woman…!

Image Courtesy: AZQuotes “It was just another day and another household fight, but what caught my attention was the statement made by the yelling ‘elder daughter-in-law’ who in […]

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“How merciful it can become sometimes to be alone, especially for the Leaders…!”
Picture Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/149111437636959589/

(Picture Courtesy: Pinterest) Looking for strength everywhere might not be the answer but yet sometimes it might be. Thinking about the people who never developed the art of […]

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“Oh No..! I didn’t want to sound like a sexist” thought the man behind the Mic.

“Then why did you sound like that?” If a woman is successful, isn’t she already settled? If a man is successful, he is considered to be settled then […]

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