About Poulomi

Belonging to a typical conservative Indian family, Poulomi initially never thought of doing something beyond the highly technical jobs. Hence, she pursued  ‘engineering’ during her graduation and later on started her career as a ‘teacher.’ Meanwhile, she continued writing poems during her free time. She had learned from her family (especially from her Grandfather), to have a strong survival instinct in the case of adversities. Faithful to that, she always trusted her instincts and emerged as a strong independent woman and struggled her way through abysmal failures. To stand back every time she fell had become her engraved passion!

Educational Qualifications

She graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. Then, she took up Master of Business Administration in Information Technology and alongside pursued Bachelor of Education from the same University. Later she pursued Master of Science in Information and Communication Systems from the Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany.

Writing as Passion

Sometimes her inner voice made her believe that she is probably a misfit for the professional world of engineers. Thus, she finally started chasing her dreams and created her pen name “Poulomi’s Abode.” She confided in herself whenever she faced strong oppositions from the people around her and concentrated on her passion. Her journey as a writer had been in itself quite motivating!


The work of “Poulomi’s Abode” revolves around words that are unsaid in daily life from the Writer’s point of view, but comprises of feelings that define a person’s attitude towards life. The simple amplification of such words put together in form of quotations, poems, stories etc. defines “Poulomi’s Abode” as Poulomi always believes that there are moments in someone’s life when a person wants to speak a lot about self but can not. He/she generally falls short of words when it comes to expressing emotions and hence emotions can be best said without voice i.e. writing makes the word prominent. Every piece of writing, if it is able to touch someone’s heart basically explains the depth of emotions that particular writing piece has.

Early Years

“Poulomi’s Abode” came into existence as early as 1997 (as dated on the first work written by Poulomi) but due to the worldly woes, it finally came into existence in the year 2015 (26th October 2015). The Writer never thought of building up a platform which will be able to reflect up her work until late 2015 when she decided to bring her own initiative alive and started receiving appreciation for the same. The journey she travelled from being an “Amateur Writer” to “marking her existence” had been in itself quite motivating.

How did it start?

It started on a very common note, where the Writer just focused on putting her thoughts together at one place that proved to be a life changer for the Writer, but still, it took a lot of perseverance for her to finally make a beginning on 26th October 2015. The decision which she thought wouldn’t turn out to be substantial, actually moulded her life.

Then came the decision of influencing and motivating people by her work using “Poulomi’s Abode” as a platform. Her work impeccably consists of:

  • Poems: English/Hindi
  • Quotations: Motivational, Funny, feminist etc.
  • Short Stories
  • Blogs
  • Just A thought column: Handling daily life issues