Believe that love is what we give to others and what they give to us

“I am a loveful soul … love is MY nature … love is what I am … love is not what I need … love is what I have and I radiate it to all. Accepting them as they are … understanding their sanskars … caring and nurturing their emotional needs is love in action. I give … give … and only give, I experience love while giving.”

We believe that love is what we give to others and what they give to us. We all need love and so we keep seeking it in every relationship. But those from whom we are seeking, they are seeking it from us, if both are wanting it, then who will give it? Stop seeking and keep giving, you are love.

If our reaction to problems or people is to give up and run away, we are deceiving ourselves. We will not be able to avoid the situation by going elsewhere, this merely puts it off. If we try to run away from problems rather than dealing with them we will find ourselves experiencing the same difficulties repeatedly. Honesty with our self can provide the solution to the problems.

Understand that, there’s talking, and then there’s talking too much. When we talk too much, we exhaust others and ourselves; people switch off and stop listening. Communication is a two-way flow. Listen to understand others and speak to be understood. Words matter. Cut down on unnecessary chatter. Engage others in the conversation. Leave space for others to talk.

This way healing and love both can be increased.

Courtesy: Brahmakumaris

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