Dear Swara Bhaskar, your letter felt more like a publicity stunt!

Dear Swara Bhaskar,

An open letter..!

PC: Indian Express

First of all, your letter was amazingly well written! I’m sorry but you had pinpointed to a massive social issue but being from a common man’s (oops a woman’s) point of view, the letter was not only unnecessary but out of context as I still fail to understand the connection between your viewpoint and (in your terms) the magnum opus cinema of Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali even after reading it many times. Though I understand and appreciate the debate started by you! If you take the movie out of this fuss, then it’s largely a very very important debate.

Because this movie simply sends an understandable message that reached the masses in a clear-cut note, that in any circumstance, what so ever it is, Indians whether a man or a woman tried to never surrender to the abuse of the invaders. And sorry dear Swara but as you’d mentioned in your outstanding letter that “I would do everything in my power to sneak out of that fiery pit– even if that meant being enslaved to a monster like Khilji forever. I felt in that moment that it was wrong of me to choose life over death. It was wrong to have the desire to live.” not every woman would agree to that.


You probably had no idea while you were creating this letter that how a woman who’s enslaved feels or how a rape victim feels or how a woman in an abusive relationship feels. So, if I put your statements into words, the queen must have surrendered to the monster and have let her rape her/molest her/enslave her for her entire life.

I’m not supporting the malicious practice like Jauhar/Sati but unfortunately dear Swara, you’d supported the enslavement of women through your letter. And no, we aren’t reduced to a v****a by someone who’s just showcasing a story as bold as “Padmaavat.” It just showcases a sad truth about what we women had faced for ages and now we have gotten the guts to stand for. No, it does not depict or encourage Jauhar/Sati as it simply (again a reminder) showcases only the truth that even when nothing worked, destiny was not allowed to play its part to enslave the queen. This battle was mainly fought to capture the queen. What a shame it would have been if that would have had happened..!

If the art created by “Sanjay Leela Bhansali” is questionable as you’d stated, then don’t you feel that “Anaarkali of Aarah” is questionable as well? You later demolish the vibes around your letter in another discussion that you just said what you felt and being in a democratic country, we have the rights to speak our hearts out. True that..! But, such an out of context letter wasn’t really expected out of a brilliant actress like you? The common women share the thoughts on all the social platforms and God knows whether it’s bold or simply stupid, it just feels like a mockery of feminism as every other person just wants to create a scene and remain in the limelight or probably as we may call it, ” create a publicity stunt.”

P.S. I don’t blame you, this trend was set by #KanganaRanaut and it’s more irritating than convincing.

You also mentioned in your discussion that you weren’t aware that the special word which starts with “V” will cause such a controversy. I wonder how convenient is that for you to state when your entire letter had just that (still laughing)? Hence, I put my case to rest!

P.S. I can’t even imagine what a man will go through in case he starts speaking about his special word which starts with “P”! What a ruckus..!


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