“FEMINISM” is not “SHAMING” men.. Men can feel too and…

Do you know that men commit more suicides than women do? The studies at “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention” specifies that: 

“Men die by suicide 3.5x more often than women.”

SHOCKING????? Yes, it is..!!! There are many reasons to it and the hardest of all to believe is:

Domestic Violence and Wrong allegations

Shocking??? Yes, it is…!!! But still nobody believes that “Not Always The Man is Wrong…!!!

Strangely, if a women certifies that this man has misbehaved, the world believes her but vice-a-versa is not true. These days many men suffer through various heinous crimes, starting from being raped to fake molestation charges  to threats from WOMEN for booking them under molestation or harassment charges and the list is too lengthy to even quote in one shot. Unbelievable, but true!!! The trauma is that the society and even the law strongly supports the woman in case of a dispute and are very quick to take sides leading the man nowhere.

What is their CRIME?

Their crime is that they belong to the most dignified “MALE” gender. Seriously? Is that a crime? We sympathize with women but not with men. Why? They have feelings too. They have self-respect too. But, even after always believing in gender equality, still the society and the laws of various countries including India favors women more over men, resulting into fake cases deceiving and defaming the Man’s respect. That’s not fair!!! Absolutely not fair!!!

  • Have you ever heard a “Man” going to a police station to lodge a complain against their stealthy wives/girlfriends and society talking about it?
  • Have you ever heard a “Man” suffering from “Marital Rape” and the society talking about it?
  • Have you ever heard a “Man” suffering from “WRONG ALLEGATIONS” and society talking about “INTOLERANCE” on it?

NO… Not much… Hardly ever…

The answer is a clear “NO“. Why? Ask yourself… Aren’t they humans? Just based upon some malicious information, can someone be construed? I am not declaring all men as innocent and all women as cruel, but am just trying to pin point on the fact that if not all women are same then how can all men be same and how can they all be stereotyped?

While trying to prove the fact that “only” women can suffer, aren’t we actually disrespecting the opposite gender? The suicide rates as mentioned above has a different story to tell. Women do suffer and so does men. If we are fighting for women rights, then we should fight for men’s rights as well. In short, instead of dividing the society into men and women, can we not just stay “Human”???

Why to shame men? That is not FEMINISM

I hate it, when someone says,

“I am a strong feminist and I hate men as they deserved to be punished, since they try and dominate everyone around them.”

And the worst of all, when they say,

“All men are SAME.”

Damn !!! I am surrounded with amazing men like my father, my brother, my husband, my friends etc. and trust me without them I am “NOTHING“. They are my strength, my backbone, they give me power, their support makes me independent, strong and a confident woman. So I firmly can assure that,


I strongly don’t believe that any human being can stay alone for a longer time even if they don’t need support and are independent individuals. But, without family and friends, surviving is largely impossible. Then stereotyping the society and “Shaming Men” as a whole, is a real nasty and equally BAD idea and especially when the “Man” in front of you is not a criminal.

Be a “Feminist”, but don’t hate men as not everyone is same and they have their part of the story as well. Taking sides is as easy as flipping a coin, but that is not what we humans are made for. Judging by learning about both the stories is a far better option than shaming a man so much so that he out of self-guilt of being a man, takes an extreme step like committing suicide.

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