Mother is the nicest person on this Earth…!!!

There were two little arms of red wool knit by my Mom when I was small. While knitting she had stated firmly “this you are going to wear when you will grow up.” Today, in this icing cold weather I have many sweaters but the warmest of all is the one knit by my mother “my red sweater”. That time I had laughed because I could roll into it twice but today when it fits me, I know its equivalent of hugging her as the memories remain fresh and red. The neck of the sweater still does not fit me and I am not going to grow more big, but I know it’s her way to keep my throat warm so that I don’t catch up cold. I always roll it twice to give it a stylish look and smile as I know its the “care” that I am wearing.

Emotions are hard to explain and very hard to understand. But understanding it late is good than understanding it never.

Love you Mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day

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