“Oh No..! I didn’t want to sound like a sexist” thought the man behind the Mic.

“Then why did you sound like that?”

If a woman is successful, isn’t she already settled? If a man is successful, he is considered to be settled then why a woman needs to tag her “Being-Settled” phenomenon with the terms like motherhood, home-maker etc.?

Pic Courtesy: Narada News
Rajdeep Sardesai (Pic Courtesy: Narada News)
Sania Mirza (Pic Courtesy: Starsunfolded)

Recently in an interview “Sania Mirza”, a well known name was also questioned on her settling down by a journalist “Rajdeep Sardesai” and in return had received a befitting response from the tennis superstar. The journalist also got trolled over the social media platforms, but the question remained same, why the hell on this earth we cannot give a woman the same respect for her success like the men get? What makes the society so judgmental when it comes to the talk-show of a woman’s success?

This truly, sometimes make me think that we actually are living in a society full of egocentric people who just can’t let the other gender win. Be it a man or a woman! Gender-Equality, seems to be sometimes really not existing. While reading the below article in “indianexpress.com”,

“Sania Mirza gives fitting response to Rajdeep Sardesai’s sexist question.”

it just appeared that how minute is the depth of gender-equality in the world we live in. Strange..!!!

Not many words are really required to flee from the intentions of the world but yes a thought might make a difference. Rajdeep Sardesai’s immediate apologies proved the same. Hopefully, the world understands Sania Mirza’s response and focuses more on “GENDER-EQUALITY”.

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