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We love reading and our love for knowledge is magnanimous.

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We bring in a lot of upbeat courses related to media, personality development, science and technology etc.

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Social Media Management

Social media management is something we have dived into to make our clients successful across the new age media.


Content Development

We love content development and have expertise in the same.

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Our Social Media Page for Bollywood

Bollywood Abode

Our Social Media Page for Dogs/Animals

Oscar The Spaniel Pup

Our Social Media Page for the Founder|Author

Poulomi’s Abode

Our Social Media Page for Life

Life Ahead Shines

Our Social Media Page for ProMystic Brand

ProMystic Brand

Our Social Media Page for Bollywood

Bollywood Abode

Latest Blog Updates

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Experience and Expertise

Having worked with prestigious organisations, we have learnt a lot and are thankful for the same..! Few of the organisations are mentioned below.

Designation Handled:

Social Media Marketing Manager

-For verticals like entertainment, bollywood, food, soul, kids etc

Rajshri Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Designation Handled:


-Content reviewer for computer science, storyboard review and guiding for multimedia

TATA ClassEdge

(By TATA Group)

Designation Handled:

Research Assistant

-For various research projects for the department of Microwave Engineering and Electromagnetic Theory 

Chemnitz University of Technology

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