Secrets of Well Being

  1. Talk Lovingly to Yourself
    Learning to talk properly to the self is a spiritual endeavor. When you make a mistake, do you talk lovingly to yourself in your mind, or do you tell yourself off? One habit recognizes your divinity; the other subtly shapes a nature of sorrow. Remind yourself: “I am a loveful being. I am not in a race with anyone. I am on the journey of my life …living my life my way and according to my values and principles. I get what I deserve as per my past and present karma. I do not compare and do not compete with any soul. We are all co-travelers. Sharing, Caring and Co-operation is the only way for me.”
  2. Balance
    Maintain the balance of responding to situations with a cool head and to people with a warm heart.
  3. Appreciation of Every Soul
    See through God’s eyes and feel through God’s heart and you will appreciate the value of every soul including yourself. Competition is the cause of jealousy and insecurity and depletes soul power because of the wrong thoughts and karma we create. Co-operation is natural for us. Let us live the natural way.
  4. Secrets: Acceptance is the secret of contentment. Appreciation is the secret of happiness. Remind yourself: “I am a pure soul. I am not my name … my body …my relationships … my degrees … my designation. I am just me … a pure soul, and so is everyone I meet and interact with. I fear losing nothing. I do not need people to be my way … they can be their way. My feelings are mine … not dependent on them. I need nothing … I only give … love and happiness.”
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