The more you enjoy what you do, the easier it is to concentrate..!

The more you enjoy what you do, the easier it is to concentrate. Give what you do meaning and you will find yourself interested. Our will power is released when we do things Willingly. Enhance your concentration and achieve more in less time. Today do one thing at a time. Do it well and enjoy it thoroughly.

Hence, learn the Mantra:

“Today I change my thoughts and let go of differences I have with people. I will change the energy as I want my relationships, soul power and happiness intact. Not just once, every time… even if they do not do it. I realize everyone is always right, we are only different from each other. When differences of opinion or arguments arise, how long to hold on to them in the mind is our choice. Holding on deepens our wound, letting go heals us.”

If you think you can do something alone either because you do not trust others to do it or because you feel you are most qualified, then you will be busy doing everything, you will be unhappy with others because they are not doing what you want and you will be disappointed. Therefore, it is more effective to invest your time in training and developing others. There is greater success in cooperation.

Always remember the mantra:

“I am a pure being. My thoughts and words are in harmony. I am honest with myself and others. I speak what I think. My thought and word energy radiate the same message to others”.

If we cannot speak what we think, then let us change our thoughts, not just words. People receive our thoughts before they hear our words. If we do not want to upset them with our words, then let us not hurt them with our thoughts.

Courtesy: Brahmakumaris

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