There are opportunities to learn and feel inspired around us.

  • There are opportunities to learn and feel inspired from all that is happening around us. The children are a great source of learning. When little children stumble and fall, they may cry for a bit, but then they stand up and carry on. In the same way, we too have to be persistent like little children.Get over your embarrassment and self-consciousness. To be flexible is to enjoy everything that life brings.
  • Remember the mantra:”I am a pure being. I am what I want to see in the world. I live peace and love and thereby radiate them into the universe. Whatever may be the situations today, I respond with peace and love. In every scene of my life today I contribute towards creating a peaceful world.”Our mind is a part of the Universal consciousness, the state of the world. If we create anger or any negative emotion, we are shifting the global consciousness towards negativity. Each time we choose a positive response, we are raising the vibration of the world. We are the creators of the world.
  • Think positive:”I am a powerful being. I am a master of my sense organs. I do everything I want to do. I eat and drink only that which is healthy for me. I watch TV for … I buy only … I spend … time on social media.”Any habit we want to change needs to begin with our thought. Often we think and talk about what we are unable to do and that becomes our mantra, example: “I eat too much … I cannot give up alcohol … I have been buying more than I need … I am spending too much time on …” The more we think like this, the habit gets stronger. Let us create a thought about what we want reality to be, example: “I eat a balanced diet … I am a satvik soul … I spend an hour watching…,” and observe them coming true.

Courtesy: Brahmakumaris

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