“Today I will fix something broken, or find a new use for it.”

Heal yourself by remembering that “I gently return to equilibrium, nurtured by a well-spring of love. I, the soul, being washed and soothed by the quiet energies of stillness. Embracing the vastness of my inner landscape, I understand the cycles of growth and decay. Today I will fix something broken, or find a new use for it.”

Remember the mantra:

“I am a loveful being. People have been unfair to me … I understand that they were a victim of their own perceptions. They did not hurt me … they have emotionally bruised themselves. I absorbed their pain and hurt myself. I release the past with understanding. I let go of what they did. I forgive myself and them. Past is past … it does not live with me anymore.”

Heal the self with love and radiate vibrations of love to them. Even if we cannot understand the other person’s perspective, let us remember that it was not they, it was our thoughts which hurt us and we can heal our self.

Remember that, when we encounter obstacles along our path, we usually perceive them as negative and become irritated or discouraged. Our work suffers as a result. But it may be our attitude towards the obstacle that is the real problem, rather than the obstacle themselves. Real progress can be experienced when we face obstacles . How we perceive situations is key to overcoming them and moving ourselves closer to our destination.

Thus, bestow upon the mantra that:

“I am a peaceful being. Patience is my natural sanskar. I am disciplined and sincere … but I do not pressurize myself or others. I carry an energy of ease and allow others to be at ease. My every task is complete in less than the time it needs. I have the art of balancing time and energy”.

Practicing this mantra every hour changes our sanskar of always being in a hurry. In the process of saving a few minutes, we deplete inner strength. This mantra shifts us from being busy to being easy internally.

Courtesy: Brahmakumaris

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