Trust & truth are two interrelated pillars of a strong relationship!

If we don’t trust a person, we won’t speak truth,

If we don’t say truth, the person won’t trust us,

Be trustee and truthful..!

Realise this mantra in your daily lives:

“I am a peaceful being. Patience is my natural sanskar. I am disciplined and sincere … but I do not pressurize myself or others. I carry an energy of ease and allow others to be at ease. My every task is complete in less than the time it needs. I have the art of balancing time and energy”.

Practicing this mantra every hour changes our sanskar of always being in a hurry. In the process of saving a few minutes, we deplete inner strength. This mantra shifts us from being busy to being easy internally.

Watch out for emotion shifts. Become aware of how your emotions move you away from your core, how others take you on a roller-coaster ride and drain you of energy. Experiment with focusing more and more on your core i.e peace and happiness and give less and less attention to being angry or upset. When you give less attention to the emotions like ‘anger’ or being ‘upset”, others begin to lose their power over you with time.

Thus tell your emotional self:

“I am a divine being. I remain stable in all situations. I create no questions about the scene or the person. I never think ‘Why did this happen? How can they do this?” I understand that every scene and every soul is playing their part according to their karmic pattern. I remain stable and face the scene. I work on the solution in the outer world and keep my inner world calm. With my peace and power, I dis-empower my obstacles and finish them.”

Thinking about the cause of the problem and the people to blame for it, depletes the inner soul power. Thus, the focus only has to be on what needs to be done now to keep the minds calm and resolve the issue.

Source: BK

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